We file applications of inventions and utility models  in order to obtain their registration in a chosen legal system. We prepare application documentation based on supplied material. After the registration we are responsible for the supervision of maintaining protection of the granted exclusive right.

In the cases of exclusive rights infringements, we initiate or take part in administrative proceedings concerning invalidation or expiration of patents and protective rights for utility models.

In the name of a client we prepare warning documents for potential exclusive rights violators. We carry out mediations in the case of conflicts of rights aiming at concluding an arrangement between the parties. Moreover, we perform tasks of an intermediary while concluding license agreements to use the invention or utility model and assignment of exclusive rights between the parties, as well as before competent administrative authorities.

Our Office provide help with obtaining exclusive rights for inventions and utility models.

For what kind of inventions the patent may be granted?

Patents are granted – regardless of the field of technology – for any inventions which are new, which involve an inventive step and which are susceptible of industrial application. An invention is considered to be new if it does not form part of the state of the art. The state of the art is held to comprise everything made available to the public by means of a written or oral description, by use, displaying or disclosure in any other way, before the date according to which priority to obtain a patent is determined.

What benefits gives the patent?

Obtaining patent protection for the invention enables its owner to exclusively use this invention during the specified time on the particular territory. Using of the inventions covers every way of using the invention including  financial benefits e.g. by granting license to other persons .

For how long is the patent granted?

Patent for the invention is granted by the office for 20 years since the day of filing the application for the patent.

On what territory is the patent granted?

Patent may be granted on the territory of one country e.g. in Poland by Polish Patent Office, or on the territory of several countries by regional patent offices e.g. European Patent Office granting patents on the grounds of the Convention on the Grant of European Patents.

What defines the matter for which protection is sought?

The matter for which patent protection is sought is defined by patent claims included in the patent description. Therefore, skillful compilation of the application for the patent is essential.

What can be an utility model?

A utility model is a new and useful solution of a technical nature affecting shape, construction or durable assembly of an object. A utility model is considered to be a useful solution if by means of that solution a practical effect is attainable, expedient in the process of manufacturing or exploitation of the product.